Healthy Summer Lunch Inspiration

One of the most challenging aspects of summertime (or anytime of the year, really) is packing lunch. We get it, coming up with nutritious and creative ideas day after day can be super time consuming. So we put together some of our best lunch packing tips and tricks for your summer on the go. 

The most important thing is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Make sure your children are hydrated. Encourage them to re-fill their water bottle throughout the day and make sure they don't leave home without it. The more they're in the sun, the more water they should be consuming.

We like to fill their lunch box with whole grains and healthy protein. Choose high-quality bread like Dave's Killer Bread or Ezekiel Bread when making sandwiches. Whole grains haven't been processed and therefore are higher in quality nutrients, fats, and vitamins. We also like to include a protein in the mix. Some of our favorites are turkey roll-ups, shredded chicken breast, hard boiled eggs, or a sandwich with sunbutter.  

Adding in fruits and veggies is an easy and healthy way to add some variety to the lunchbox. Cut-up carrot sticks, celery, cucumbers, and bell peppers are all great options. These veggies can be cut in advanced, stored in air tight containers, and wrapped in a paper towel, making them accessible for quick lunch packing situations. Fruits are even easier since you can wash, pack, and go. Check in with your kids and see if there are any new fruits or veggies they want to try. 

If you know that your child's lunch gets refrigerated each day, a source of dairy is a good idea as well. Cheese sticks and yogurts are easily packable but without the proper cooling can spoil easily.

And finally, add in some fun and healthy snacks! Our Smart Crackers, Cookies and Cereals are all great options. We also like pretzels, popcorn, or organic gummy bears. 

As with everything, variety is the spice of life. Mix and match your go-to items with some new options to keep the kiddos interested and trying new things! 


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